Saturday, August 31, 2013

Halloween Treat for You!

Hi all,  we of the RSD EDT thought to give you some inspiration for making Fall/Halloween projects, after all Halloween is getting scarily close already so you'd better be prepared LOL.

The talented DT ladies decided to make a group post using of course the scary Rick St. Dennis MFA images on this blog and the pretty or more cutesy images on our other blog Sparkle and Glitter. Lots of eye candy for everyone, we hope you will enjoy.

There is a little idea brewing in our cauldron, it still needs some Toe Nails, Frog Eyes and Lizard Tails to get finished but we thought to ask your opinion about our brew before we cast our final spells about this , so please share your brains or at least your ideas.

The RSD gang have been thinking about organizing bloghops, you will all be invited to join if you'd like, and there will be prizes to win. The hops will be on both our blogs, but we think 2 bloghops a month might be a bit too much, so we were thinking to do a hop on Sparkle and Glitter one month and a hop on Airless Chambers the next.
Please let us know what you think about this, we would very much appreciate your opinion and / or idea's about this. You can leave them  in the comments or if you'd rather email your thoughts and brilliant plans you can contact me (Monique).

Now before you can go see the hauntingly spookiness the EDT created for you, here's  some info about Halloween and Fall images, of course you can go to Rick's etsy for the digital images, and  check out the Halloween and The Crypt section. But Rick's got rubber stamps now too, they are available at I Brake for Stamps, here and at the Smeared Ink Rubber club here.

Enjoy, and please give us a piece of your brain, it's the missing ingredient in our bubbling cauldron. 

Lisa using the fantastic Zombie Clown and Monster Clown
Trick or Treat Basket

Monique using IBFS rubber stamp Skelly Tonn

Aletha using

Friday, August 30, 2013

Witchie Burlesque

This marvellous womans name is Witchie Burlesque.
Is´nt she amazing!

If you jump over to my BLOG, you can look at the
detail photo with close up pics.

Hugs MiloLilja

Monday, August 26, 2013


Hi you all, here we are again, hope you are all having a wonderful summer. 

A few changes have taken place. 
The SNS DESIGN TEAM THROWDOWN  has moved to a blog... so more people can join in and vote for the entries without first becoming a member of the Smeared and Smudged forum
 ( although you are always welcome to become a member if you want too, more deets on the blog).  

You can find the Design Team Throwdown HERE.

This month the challenge theme is OLD AND GREY, picked by the winners of July, QUOTH THE RAVEN. Congrats girls, you did a fantastic job. 

This month Helen, Suzi and Miranda are playing this challenge:

First project is made by Helen and look how amazing it turned that front cover

Pictured here is Queen of Skulls and you'll have to visit the blog to see what Helen did with Count Meowt

Our second project is made by Suzi and wow she made this amazing magazine file.
It's full of great details if you want to see them all you have to check Suzi's blog, here.

you can find all the images Suzi used in the scene and the crypt section of Rick's etsy shop. 

and last but not least me, Miranda

I have used the backside of a 3D canvas to create this little graveyard scene. 
You can find these fabulous images of Rick here:
Just click the link to go directly to the shop. 

Furthermore I used quite a lot of sizzix cutting dies, like the gate, tombstones, trees and bats. Well more deets on my blog here

Hope you like our projects and don't forget to vote on the design team throwdown challenge blog.

have a fabulous day

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Batty Betty and More ... with Julia

Hello everyone!
I am so excited and happy to share this project today.
As a crafter and artist I really enjoy working with Rick St. Dennis images.
You can find from those whimsical images to the ones that I've come to love, the edgier and darker ones. I totally feel free to create when I am working with them and that is the most important part of the creative process: feeling happy and enjoying what you are doing.
Enough with how I feel , and back to the amazing images.
My first project features: Batty Betty, and you can find her HERE.

Love her expression,and those eyes an who doesn't love the gorgeous bat in her hair, yes I made mine 3D and shiny. How much fun is that?
I will also share a project, well an oldie but goodie, featuring Monster Clown, this is a creation from last November, and you can read the details HERE.
You can find this and many more images in Rick St Dennis Etsy Store.
Hope you enjoy this creations, I sure had lots of fun making them.
For more details on this projects please visit my blog Me and Myself on the Dark...
Do you enjoy rubber stamps??
We have great news, Rick St. Dennis Images are now rubber stamps and you can find them at I Break for Stamps and Smeared Ink.
Thanks for stopping by!
Have fun, create and enjoy yourself!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A handsome pirate man by MiloLilja

You can see more photos of this pirate card at my blog:
I´m not really sure about if the time is the same
at my blog, hmm... But at 9 pm Swedish time. =)
Hugs Milo

Sunday, August 11, 2013


It is with deepest regrets that I have to tell you I am suspending freebies on my blogs due to PINTEREST and those who use it to steal and share images.
Literally every freebie I have shared along with other images stolen from I BRAKE FOR STAMPS and other locations has found its way to Pinterest where it becomes virtually impossible to track down ALL the pinners.
Pinterest will remove the images at the site your report but not the various offshoot pins even though they track these pins and know who is on the pin string. I will continue to send freebies to my email fan list and the monthly challenges on my blogs will be based on those images.
In order to enter challenges you will have to be an email list subscriber-the challenges will still be help on Airless Chambers and Sparkle and Glitter.
Again, I am sorry to have to take this step; I’m sure many of you know that I love to share my images and have sent out MANY images free but this does not mean they are free to just anyone or that because they were free they can be shared.
I am not in great health and live, like many, on social security income-I have to supplement my income via my artwork-luckily I can still create, so income from my digis is VERY important to me.
People just don’t understand that pinning and sharing free images the way they do becomes stealing.
A very good example is this: My freebies tend to attract about 1,000 hits on my blog-I have never SOLD a thousand copies of any image but I have given away that many as people will grab anything that is free.
THREE CHIMENY COTTAGE was a free image on my blog then it was removed and went to my ETSY shoppe where it has been a very steady seller over the time it has been for sale-but how many sales have I LOST because the image was pinned and then REPINNED many times-like hundreds… This is just MY story there are many popular digi artists whose work is pinned ALL the time and as I said samples from IBFS of my images which were not watermarked were stolen and pinned as freebies again HUNDREDS of times.
When we confront the people who do this pinning they are usually cooperative but often just ignore any contact or worse are nasty and uncooperative and even spiteful and publish nasty comments on other social media sites or even their own blogs.
Thanks for your understanding and hopefully at some point I can go back to the monthly freebie on my blog.
PLEASE join the fight against image theft and let your friends know that sharing free images hurts the artist who shared that image in the first place.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Coloring Desdemona: Hair and Eyes

Creepy Glowbugg here, with the wrap up on my coloring tutorials
for the beautiful RSD June freebie image, Desdemona.
In my previous tutorial here, I showed the versatility of skin tones,
and how they can completely transform an image.
Now I am going to show you how I color hair, makeup and eyes.
I have no formal or certified training with Copics. I just like to color.

I start out by using my darkest color, E09.
I try to fill in the darkest shadows of her hair.

Next is YR09. I use it for her next medium shade.
I basically just follow the shadows. 

Next is YR07. I just keep pulling the colors into the light.

YR04 for the lightest orange shade. 

Not sure why my scanner went so light, but I have added Y35 and Y38
for my lightest golden tones. 

Here she is with her eyes, flesh, and make up colored.  

And now for the eyes and make up.....  
I began with B04 for the darkest shadow of her iris. Her eyelid will cast the darkest
shadow at the top of her eye.

Next, I added B02.

And now, B01.

Lastly, I use B000 to blend all of the Blue shades together. 

I wanted a little more contrast, so I added B06 to darken up her
iris a bit more at the darkest point. 

Lastly, I used B66, B63, and B60 for her eye make up and lip color.
I also use the lightest skin tone (this one is E30) to blend it all out and make it
appear sorta natural despite the unnatural color choices.

Here are some other color samples using the very same techniques each time.
I used YRs for the purple version, RVs for the green gal, and BGs for the red chick. 

I used YG and V for the pink flesh tone, and V and RV for the blue/green flesh tone.

I hope you have found something I showed here today helpful. 
If you have any questions regarding this post, please email me directly at


Friday, August 2, 2013

August Freebie for Airless Chambers

It's the first Saturday of the month again, and you Rick St. Dennis MFA fans out there know that this means FREEBIE TIME!!!!!! As usual Rick has drawn a cutsy digi for the Sparkle and Glitter blog and a more scary image for Airless Chambers.

This month there is no freebie contest because of a well deserved summer break. Challenges will start again in October,  for us the Airless Chamber crew Halloween is  the most wonderful time of the year. I know it's only august but you can't start your Halloween projects early enough, so if you need some scary images or some cutsy Halloween check out Rick's etsy.

If you love to play with RSD rubber go check out I Brake for Stamps or Smeared Ink you will find some awesome images that will work great for your Halloween projects there.

Now it's freebie time. Meet Tworki, he is the cutest monster ever, and you will have lots of fun playing with this little fellow. Catch him ASAP cause he will disappear again in 2 days from now.
 Please don't share this little guy, if you would like other people to play with Tworki just send them a link to this blog so they can catch him themselves.

It would be nice if you left a nice thank you comment for Rick and become a follower of this blog after you snagged Tworki.

If you'd like to receive Rick's newsletter you can sign up here, not just news in there can also be some nice discounts or an extra freebie in there....

Below some coloured samples from Rick's very talented EDT. Because there is no freebie challenge our  beloved evil Boss decided the EDT needed an extra twist.
The horns of our little monster friend (I mean Tworki, not Rick ....although I think he has  horns too)  had to be coloured with the colour which starts with the first letter of your name in the language we normally speak..............Yeah I know ....very evil twist....
 I had thought of the perfect solution to beat the boss by saying this was easy cause my name starts with "M" so I can use M&M red, M&M yellow etc......and ended up getting an extra dare. Poor me is not allowed to use any colour that starts with any letter in my name (Monique van Dijk) and all my colours must be one word so no Carrot Orange.........

here the EDT samples enjoy; (for more info see their bloggies)

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